VIP is the premium feature in Lunaria Story, which you have to pay money for. There are ten VIP levels (VIP 0 doesn't count as it is what a member who has not paid for VIP gets). When you reach VIP 1, you get a VIP sign next to your name; its design changes as your VIP level goes up.

Each VIP Level and its BonusesEdit

VIP 0Edit

  • Use gold chest five times daily
  • Purchase power once daily
  • Spend gold to expand backpack slots on seal
  • Use winged shoes ten times daily
  • Purchase gold seeds on the farm, up to three times daily
  • Use plot cooldowns in the farm
  • Use double points up to three times in Quiz Spectacular
  • Use omit one up to three times in Quiz Spectacular
  • Use do-over up to three times in Quiz Spectacular
  • Conduct normal and advanced training
  • Have up to fifty friends
  • Use wands up to four times in Luck Wand, each day

VIP 1Edit

  • Recieve all the benefits from the previous VIP levels
  • Daily gold chest uses increased to forty
  • Daily power purchases increased to three
  • Daily winged shoe uses increased to forty
  • Daily exp seed purchases increased to ten
  • Upgrade farm plots
  • Buy items from the potion shop by opening your backpack
  • Use portable storage
  • Conduct platinum training
  • Conduct diamond training
  • Make the flower prayer offering in the Goddess Offering
  • Make the gem prayer offering in the Goddess Offering
  • Send flowers to friends and lovers by using gold
  • Use silver in the silver zone, to purchase valuable items in the shop


VIP 3Edit

VIP 4Edit

VIP 5Edit

VIP 6Edit

VIP 7Edit

VIP 8Edit

VIP 9Edit

VIP 10Edit

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