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Patrons are available when players reach level 55. Upon reaching level 55, players can purchase summon stones from the shop or complete   

quests. From completing the quest, players can obtain 6 summon stones. They can then use these stones to summon a patron. In order to activate the patron talent, a player must slot 9 different patron stones into one patron. Patron stones can be obtained from dust nebula.  

Summoning Patron talents:

  1. Click on the patron icon
  2. Click on the desired equipment
  3. Click on Call Patron (A player must have a summon stone in order to call a patron)

Socketing Patron stones:  

  1. Click on the patron icon   
  2. Click on patron vault   
  3. Click on the desired equipment   
  4. Drag a patron stone into one of the 9 squared boxes to socket it   

Infusing Patron stones:

  1. Click on the desired Patron stone
  2. Click on Infuse
  3. With the required stardust available, click Infuse to increase the stats of the patron stone

All extra stardust from infusing would be kept in the stone zone until further use. Stardust can be infused into a patron stone even when the required amount is not met and will be kept as storage in the star patron until the required amount is fulfilled.

Tempering with Patron stones:

  1.   Click on a patron stone which takes up 5 squared boxes
  2.   Click Temper
  3.   Temper the patron stone with a level 1 temper stone until it takes up 4 boxes
  4.   Continue this process with different level temper stones until the desired result is obtained

Activating a Patron talent:

  1. Click on the desired equipment   
  2. Click on a 1 squared patron stone (Two identical patron stones cannot be slotted into the same equipment)   
  3. Drag the patron stone into one of the 9 squared boxes  
  4. Repeat steps 1 & 2 until all 9 patron stones are slotted into the desired equipment  

Changing the Patron bonuses:

  1. Click on the desired equipment
  2. Check the Bind Box (Located at the bottom right of the patron - A patron tablet is required for this step)
  3. Click on Call Patron until desired results are obtained

Selling patron stones:

Patron stones can be sold for stardust. The stardust returned is dependant upon the level of the patron stone. Players gain 50% of the stardust used. When a patron stone is level 1, players gain 1000 stardust from selling the patron stone.

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