The quality of an item in the world of Lunaria is determined by the color of its name. There are currently six tiers of item quality.

Note that the guidelines below only apply to the base quality of the items in question.

Tier 0: White (Common)Edit

Many items which are craftable early in the game are Tier 0. Just like the first Set you'll get early in the game start. Most items in the World of Lunaria are Tier 0.

Tier 1: Green (Uncommon)Edit

Many (but not all) Tier 1 items are uncraftable.

Tier 2: Blue (Rare)Edit

Weapons and Armor which already Synthesized are Tier 2 along with some Rare items.

Tier 3: Purple (Epic)Edit

Some Weapons and Armor which already Synthesized to certain levels are Tier 3 along with some Epic items. Certain uncraftable weapons are tier 3. These items are generally rare and high end items. These items are rare and usually found later in the game.

Tier 4: Orange (Legendary)Edit

This quality is on late game item such as anything in the Manadance Set, and some items with top-tier effects, such as Frostfire. This can be achieved by synthesizing and looting. This does not apply to all top-tier items.

Tier 5: Magenta (Heroic)Edit

Weapons and Armor alongside its Material are rated as Heroic. This kind of Weapons and Armor are only obtainable by doing Heroic Synthesis.

Tier 6: Red (Mythical)Edit

Note that this is the final quality tier.