In Pet Paradise, you can earn pet card pieces, which can be synthesized into pet cards. Pet cards can be activated in the pet book with the corresponding pet, which will give you a permanent stat boost. In Pet Paradise, potions do not work, so the only way to heal is to use HP packs (You have to have these on before going into the instance, as when in the instance, you will not be allowed to put them on). 

There are two modes in Pet Paradise; Normal and Heroic, and each have two levels. You can only beat the monsters in normal mode once, but in Herioic mode, the monsters automatically reset each day. If you want to beat the monsters In Heroic mode more than once in a day (VIP 0 - VIP 1 can reset manually once a day, VIP 2 - VIP 4 twice a day and VIP 5 and above can reset manually three times a day), you can use the item Heavens Rage to reset manually.

As you progress through Pet Paradise, the monsters (a.k.a. pets)  will get harder to beat. To progress on to the next monster, you have to defeat the one before it, as well as reaching a certain level.

List of Monsters in Pet ParadiseEdit

Normal ModeEdit

  • Boxing Shroom
  • Baa Dragon
  • Bubble Crab
  • Pirate Cat
  • Brutal Teddy
  • Magic Jellyfish
  • Pirate Shark
  • Storm Pioneer
  • Bubble Dragon
  • Little Bee
  • Worg
  • Shark King
  • Apprentice
  • Captain
  • Star

Herioic ModeEdit

  • Brutal Teddy
  • Storm Pioneer
  • Shark King
  • Ice Sprite
  • Ice Joker
  • Flame God
  • Blue Demon
  • Red Monster
  • Shadow Spirit
  • Red Demon
  • Giant Ape
  • Poison Spider
  • Pirate Captain
  • Red Sand King

List of Rewards Possible From Pet ParadiseEdit

  • Pet cards
  • Heavenly boxes
  • Advanced pet feed
  • Stones of growth
  • Stones of potential
  • Apitude pills
  • Evil spirit capsules
  • Pet card pieces

Reward TipsEdit

Normal mode gives you random low level pet cards.

Heroic mode gives you random high level pet cards.

Higher level monsters drop higher level pet cards.