This page details a formal Lunaria Story Wiki policy which governs one or more aspects of the wiki and its community. Policies are established and maintained by administrators on the behalf of the community. To learn how to propose changes to Lunaria Story Wiki policies, please see LS Wiki:Policy#Proposing policy changes.

Basic summary of this policy: LS Wiki:Blog Policy/summary

General Standards

  • Blogs should have decent grammar/spelling and should not use profane language.
  • Any given blog should have a reason to it.
    • Examples of appropriate reasons include:
      • User-created guides
      • Update announcements
      • Extraordinary in-game moments
      • Challenges
      • Lunaria Story Wiki suggestions
  • Blogs should have a reasonable amount of content for their intended purpose.
    • For instance, a blog created to document an "extraordinary in-game moment" would have some background and images concerning the incident.

Deletion Guidelines

Blogs can be marked for deletion based on this policy by simply commenting on the blog in question using either the {{Delete}} or {{Speedydelete}} template. Which of these templates is used depends on the blog:

Blogs to be deleted

  • Introduction blogs
  • Blogs asking for help
  • Placeholder blogs
    • "Placeholder blogs" are blogs which have very little content beyond the promise of future content.
  • Unreadable blogs
    • "Unreadable blogs" are blogs that are too difficult to decipher (whether due to spelling, grammar, or anything else) to be worth keeping, as determined by the community in the comments of a given blog.
  • Blogs unrelated to Lunaria Story or the Lunaria Story Wiki

The authors of blogs in this category should be approached on their talk page and left a friendly message linking to this page and explaining why their blog meets this deletion criteria. As appropriate, they should be directed to a better venue for the content of their blog, such as chat or the appropriate section on the forums.

Blogs to be speedily deleted

  • Blank blogs
  • Spam blogs
    • In this context, spam means blogs which consist of:
      1. gibberish/nonsense.
      2. advertisements.

Depending on the context, blogs in this category may be construed as a form of minor vandalism.

If the blog is determined to be vandalism, then the author should be linked to this policy page and politely asked not to make any more disruptive blogs. Failure to heed this warning will result in the user being added to an abuse filter blacklist which prevents them from creating blogs at all for a period of time.

If the blog is determined to not be vandalism, then the same guidelines for dealing with the author of a problem blog from the "Blogs to be deleted" section on this policy page should be followed.