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Various events take place throughout the day. Players can participate in these events to earn rewards ranging from silver to gold.

List of Events Edit

Daily / Weekly Edit

Individual Events Edit

  • Quiz Spectacular
  • Boss Hunt
  • Sea Demon King (World Boss)
  • Money Rain / Item Rain
  • Warrior Duel
  • Cross-server Arena
  • Lucky Dice
  • Sea Gate

Group Events Edit

  • Battle of Might
  • Arena Ladder
  • Pirate Raid

Guild Events Edit

  • Guild battle
  • Guild domination
  • Guild beast

Blessings Edit

  • Double escort Blessing
  • Double experience from meditation in city
  • Double Star Spirit Blessing
  • Astrology Blessing
  • Enhancement Blessing

Random Events Edit

Special Events Edit

  • Recharge for a gift
  • Consume for a gift
  • Pet potential Blessing
  • Pet growth Blessing
  • 2x experience Blessing